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Dear Customer,


You have consistently excelled in your field of work with an artistic approach, quality and quality in your work. Thank you so much for including us, Suravi Digital Lab, in your field of work!!

"Survi Digital Lab" is always trying to give new things to our discerning customers. Of course, all of this is impossible without your mate. "Survi Digital Lab" is now taking another step in the field of printing. Now we are trying to innovate in this field using the most advanced technology in our district "HP Latex".

Through this, you can use 5 feet of media to create beautiful, attractive, sharp, quality print facilities of vinyl, 
canvas, wallpaper, photo print, trans light (for LED Fraem), backlight, one way vision, radium, flooring in just
over an hour. Is. Foam sheet pasting, as well as various frames, around 10,000 different attractive designs, LED
FRAMES are available. Suravi Advance, HP Latex High Quality, HD Enlargement Printing.
Urgent facility available. Survi Digital Lab has consistently added innovations to its advanced technology as well 
as many challenging experiments based on ingenuity, quality, promptness and from that we have achieved
commercial success but more than that we have been able to see the satisfaction on the face of our customers.
And it was our customers who strengthened our wings and that is why we can soar the leaves in our sky.
Due to this, in 2018, the Government of Maharashtra honored "Suravi Digital Lab" by giving a big honor to Udyog
Mitra. And our responsibility increased a hundredfold. Now we are always ready for your service based on our
quality and quality. Thanks!
Suresh Mand
Ravi Patole
Vijay Jundare.
Suravi Digital Lab.