Get a ‘perfect gift’ for your special ones

Colour-changing magic photo mugs for personal and professional gifting!

You can use these beautiful magical mugs for any occasion or event. Make your family and friends spend every moment with that mug whenever a hidden photo is revealed. Delight them with magic!

Product Details:

• Mug size- 325ml

• Looks black mug but shows photo when hot

• From single photo to multiple to wraparound options

• Custom text and clip art options


Looking for a gift that will surprise someone? Well, we have got you covered! Standard mug gifting is the story of the past, custom magic mugs are the new wave! At SURAVI DIGITAL LAB we let you customize your very own magic mug with the following choices to make it cooler!


Are the magic photo mugs safe for daily use?

Yes, they are entirely safe to use daily. No amount of usage or washing of the magic mug will harm it in any way. Also, since the printed photo goes through a sublimation process, it makes the colour-changing mug completely safe.

Does it take time for the image to appear on the mug when hot liquid is poured?

No, it doesn't take much time. It only takes 10-15 seconds, depending on the temperature.

How long will the printed image be seen?

The printed image will be visible as long as there is hot liquid inside the mug. The heat-activation starts to fade once the drink cools down. Ideally, a hot drink doesn't cool that easily when in a ceramic mug so the printed photo can be visible for a maximum of 30 mins.

Is the artwork painted or a sticker?

The artwork or the photo you present is not painted nor made into a sticker. It is infused on the mug via sublimation process which prints your given photo just the way it is.

Is it unbreakable?

No, like most mugs, the photo magic mug is made of ceramic and can break if dropped. So we suggest handling with care